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Johana, 23 years old, BisexualOrlova, Czech Republic
Roman, 25 years old, StraightDnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
Ondřej, 22 years old, GayKlatovy, Czech Republic
Hugo, 32 years old, StraightNovy Jicin, Czech Republic
Tobiáš, 19 years old, GayLitomerice, Czech Republic
Kevin, 23 years old, GayOrlova, Czech Republic
Viktor, 46 years old, BisexualZatec, Czech Republic
Dorota, 31 years old, LesbianRoznov pod Radhostem, Czech Republic
Monika, 40 years old, BisexualZdar nad Sazavou, Czech Republic
Agáta, 44 years old, BisexualKlasterec nad Ohri, Czech Republic
Vladimír, 19 years old, BisexualBruntal, Czech Republic
Michaela, 45 years old, LesbianProstejov, Czech Republic
Mia, 26 years old, StraightBilina Kyselka, Czech Republic
Jan, 41 years old, BisexualBreclav, Czech Republic
Natálie, 46 years old, BisexualJicin, Czech Republic
David, 30 years old, BisexualChomutov, Czech Republic
Ema, 26 years old, LesbianOtrokovice, Czech Republic
Nicolas, 29 years old, BisexualPelhrimov, Czech Republic
Alexander, 31 years old, BisexualKladno, Czech Republic
Denis, 35 years old, StraightSumperk, Czech Republic
Damián, 43 years old, StraightLouny, Czech Republic
Dalibor, 42 years old, GayDvur Kralove nad Labem, Czech Republic
Štěpánka, 48 years old, BisexualZdar nad Sazavou, Czech Republic
Denis, 29 years old, StraightLiben, Czech Republic
Helena, 43 years old, LesbianStary Bohumin, Czech Republic
Stella, 51 years old, BisexualNovy Jicin, Czech Republic
Viktor, 36 years old, BisexualCeska Trebova, Czech Republic
Alexandra, 42 years old, StraightHranice, Czech Republic
Richard, 32 years old, BisexualZdar nad Sazavou Druhy, Czech Republic
Jana, 25 years old, StraightJicin, Czech Republic