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Alexander, 31 years old, BisexualKladno, Czech Republic
Stella, 51 years old, BisexualNovy Jicin, Czech Republic
Agáta, 44 years old, BisexualKlasterec nad Ohri, Czech Republic
Ella, 32 years old, StraightVsetin, Czech Republic
Dominika, 25 years old, LesbianKarlovy Vary, Czech Republic
Markéta, 44 years old, StraightNovy Jicin, Czech Republic
David, 30 years old, BisexualChomutov, Czech Republic
Daniel, 23 years old, StraightJirkov, Czech Republic
Dalibor, 42 years old, GayDvur Kralove nad Labem, Czech Republic
Sára, 26 years old, StraightBranik, Czech Republic
Vendula, 25 years old, StraightKolin, Czech Republic
marie griest, 37 years old, StraightJindrichuv Hradec, Czech Republic
Alžběta, 27 years old, BisexualZatec, Czech Republic
Soňa, 36 years old, LesbianCeska Trebova, Czech Republic
Damián, 44 years old, BisexualVsetin, Czech Republic
Natálie, 45 years old, BisexualJicin, Czech Republic
Vanessa, 28 years old, StraightHradec Kralove, Czech Republic
Vladimír, 43 years old, BisexualProsek, Czech Republic
Martin, 47 years old, BisexualStrakonice, Czech Republic
Viktorie, 23 years old, LesbianDecin, Czech Republic
Leona, 28 years old, StraightChrudim, Czech Republic
Johana, 23 years old, BisexualOrlova, Czech Republic
Roman, 24 years old, StraightDnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
Benjamin, 46 years old, BisexualSvitavy, Czech Republic
Nelly, 28 years old, StraightValasske Mezirici, Czech Republic
Kevin, 23 years old, GayOrlova, Czech Republic
Kristian, 26 years old, BisexualRoznov pod Radhostem, Czech Republic
Stella, 42 years old, LesbianBreclav, Czech Republic
Helena, 43 years old, LesbianStary Bohumin, Czech Republic
Tobiáš, 19 years old, GayLitomerice, Czech Republic